Conservative state legislators put politics over the people of Arizona.
Now, we’re all paying the price.

Before the pandemic hit...

Republicans in the Arizona state legislature tried to block cities from guaranteeing paid sick leave for workers. When Arizona voters overruled them and passed paid sick leave and a higher minimum wage through a ballot initiative, conservative legislators tried for years to undermine it.

Conservatives in our state House and State Senate also voted repeatedly to make it easier for insurance companies to kick Arizonans off their health insurance if they get sick, passing bills like 2019’s SB1109.

Conservatives in our state House and Senate cut the state budget down to the bone leaving critical agencies like the Department of Economic Security, which runs our unemployment system, without the resources they needed to modernize systems and serve constituents.

Once the crisis began...

Progressives in the Arizona House introduced
proposals to outlaw price gouging, increase
unemployment benefits and provide housing
and food relief to Arizona families.
Conservatives blocked them all.

At a time when Arizonans needed reliable
information more than ever, conservative
leaders spread dangerous conspiracy
from claiming that the pandemic was
a product of the “Deep State” — to saying that
it had originated in Iran in 2009.

In the midst of an unprecedented crisis, we need elected officials who will listen to
real expert advice and fight for us and our families.

Arizona deserves better.